MVL Coral , Bhiwadi

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: MVL Limited

Project Name – MVL Coral , Bhiwadi
Company – MVL Limited
Date Of Possession – 31 Dec 2010.
Around 3.3 Lakhs of interest has been imposed upon me stating that my payments had not come on time whereas no demand letter was sent to me. On contacting their co-orporate office on 26 Jul 2012 at Gurgoan they had failed to produce any letter wherein demand was sent to me.
secondly – the reply given to me by their Head at Gurgoan (Mrs Sujatha )was that ” they are not supposed to inform any customer about payment since this will lead to late payment and company will earn interest” .

Thirdly My loan was sanctioned by LIC and they had paid them intialy the amount as per the progress of Project by MVL so i had no say in it, i had been paying LIC the EMI as per the sanctioned loan that is 23 lakhs it hardly matters to me if LIC pays them complete 23 Lakhs.

I have failed to understand that without demand letter how is Bank supposed to release the payment or i can ask the bank to release the payment.

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