MUNNA movie inspired helper in SVR travels Behaves RUDELY in front of the whole passengers

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: SVR private travels

This was the time in MARCH 14th 2012 on my way to mumbai from hyderabad i have requested some guy from SVR travels to stop the bus near any ATM the way he behaved was cheap they respond like the local DADAS and the treatment was same i pleaded him he said he will as i had no money so has to with draw it from nearest ATM which i didnt because of these people bus was now outside city
i asked the helper politely saying should have stopped the bus @ nearest ATM but the guy started yelling @ me i was a bit angry and shouted for this He took help of the driver and was with him near to my seat people watching dude brings a rod to scare me i was tensed and saying that he would throw me in jungle near some place on high way outskirts of hyderabad…………

Thanks to a guy sitting beside me he controlled the situation fed me with food annadat is wat i have called him SEVERE he helped him. And the worst part is people were been BOARDED FROM OUT SIDE VILLAGE TO FILL VACANT SEATS WONDERED MY LAPTOP WAS SECURE and you know it was very much uncomfortable when
two old villagers board the bus with stinking
bad smell
shouting @ each other for the whole nigh


had no other option………..

SVR i hate this travells run by some reddy i suppose

Please owner uncle i request youre BOYS

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