MTS PortOut

Location/place: Kalyan, Thane

Name of company/service: MTS India

Hello Sir,
I was a customer of MTS but now they’ve stopped there service in Mumbai region and before they stop there service I tried to port my number to Airtel but they denied my application because they don’t accept port request from MTS and Today I received the same response from Tata DoCoMo, and now even if I want to I can port out my number to any other operator as I wont be able to get another UPC code coz MTS doesn’t have there service anymore in Mumbai, for me that phone number was so important and now I cant even decide against whom I should complaint… against Tata DoCoMo who took 22 Days to tell me that I can port out my number to them…. or against Airtel who took 15 days for the same… against that retailer who charged me 20 Rs. both the times without even knowing that I can port my number to these operators or not… or my previous service provider MTS… for whom these companies are not accepting the port request….. I am not here to trouble any one but all I wanted is my number back which was 8433300652…Sir Please help….

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