MTS- Poorest ISP

Location/place: Patna-801505

Name of company/service: MTS

I have a MTS Broadband connection with the number – 9135971514. I had got it recharged it with Rs-999 (Unlimited , speed 3.1 mbps upto 10 GB) for last two billing cycles April-May and Feb-March.
But in both billing cycles, the speed was reduced to 150-200 kbps after 6 GB. The stats of MTS connection also showed around 6GB data usage.
Both times I lodged complaint for it, but did not resolution. in mid May, the Nodal Officer Mr. Roy mailed me the data usage details of complete 10 GB (seemed manipulated to me) ;called me and assured to send his executives to check the problem. It has been over a fortnight and i have not received any resolution.
Is it there that in name of Unlimited plans for Rs-999/= MTS provides only 6 GB data usage to its customers at 3.1 mbps ? I have been asking for its resolution for last 4 months, why is MTS unable to resolve it ? Why MTS stats shows 6 GB data usage and the nodal officer Mr. Partha Roy sends me the details for 10 GB ? Somewhere MTS is making a mess to its customers ? Is there anyway to get back the remaining data that MTS cheats from its customers ?

Neeraj Kumar
[email protected]

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