MTS Data Card Postpaid to prepaid Mirgration.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: MTS Data Card

I am Nisheeth Ranjan, hold a postpaid connection Number:9141972753.

I wanted to migrate my postpaid connection from postpaid to prepaid, so I raised a request by calling your customer care and they gave me request number:R12-47828724 and asked me visit the nearest MTS shop.

I went to the shop S.R.Enterprises on 21-Jun-2-2012 and paid all the outstanding amount and filled the postpaid to prepaid migration form [KKR13848300] and submitted all the required documents.And I was told that the connection will be migrated in 3-5 working days.

Today I received a message that the bill for my data card number has been generated. I was really shocked to see that message.

When i contacted the customer care again they are saying that they have not received any documents, and when I am contacting S.R.Enterprises they are saying that they have done all the formalities from their side..Now What should I do.

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