MTS Data card – Offer Not Provided yet and no proper response

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: MTS Ltd

I have bought a MTS (MBLAZE) Data card from MTS. I bought this card on a offer where I am suppose to get a 2.1 Intex Home Theatre on the offer. I paid sum of Rs.1150 to the executive R.Anand. I also spoke his Team leader / Manager Mr.Sridhar confirming this and he did informed that it would consume a week’s time to get me the offer. I did called them 2 weeks from then and Sridhar informed that he has taken the Home Theatre from stock and he would deliver it me the same day evening. But I didn’t received it even on that day. hen when I called them the next week there is no response from them. Finally today I did called them and they informed that they are not having Hoem Theatre on stock now and would be provided me a laptop bag if required. I denied to this and asked for an Higher official to discuss about this but was again refused to speak with them and they informed me that today is 3rd saturday and they would be coming very late to office and they cannot call me back even.

I am very disappointed with the way I am treated and cheated.

Now I have also received my 1st month bill from MTS but the offer that was promised was not been given to me yet.

I need your intervention on this issue.

The following are the details of Data Card,

MDN No: 8645942966,
My MTS Account No: 211000060131,

The following are the details of the executive that I was taking with,
R.Anand: 7401408819
Sridhar: 9025511222
Hepldesk Lady: 7200321566

I can also provide any further details, records or proof if required.

Once again I request your intervention on this issue.

Karthik Anbumani

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