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Location/place: l 64a, dilshad garden, delhi 95

Sir i had a reliance number i.e.9313756659 for which i had applied for portability code to migrate to mts. on 29/5/2012 itself i had submitted all documents and port number at mts store. Then they gave me a sim card. six days have passed and mts is not providing access. i get tower but cannot dial or receive any calls. I am left no where and seriously taken for ride by mts. When i call customer care they tell that they have not received my documents( whereas it is definetely clear on the part that no sim is issued without submission of proper documents) so they are playing with me. Please help me out all my business are on contacts and noone is able to contact me nor i am able to contact them, this all is leading to crisis both physical and mental. Please help

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