MTNL Broadband not working

Location/place: E-89, Ganesh Nagar, Pandav Nagar Complex Delhi-92

Name of company/service: MTNL

I have applied for the MTNL Broad band on 05.10.2009 and the same get installed in my premises on 09.10.2009 (for residential-dedicated use). I have taken the tariff plan of Combo unlimited 512 Kbps.

From 09.06.2012 onwards the broad band is not working. I have lodged the complaint (No 6517) but despite resolving the same they have updated the status as resolved. After that I have lodge two more complaint with reference to above telephone no. but still nothing happen as of today.

The issue is except Google no other website is opening. This issue I have also taken up with MTNL SDO at School Block and the representative had visited my premises but unable to resolve the issue. They have given me some number which no body is picking.

It’s really horrible to see such a feedback from MTNL executives even in this competitive environment where Private players are providing much better service.

Can’t say more on this but thinking to disconnect the connection

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