MTNL Board Band Connection is not working properly at land-line No. 22411588


This is to inform you that I have an MTNL(No. 011-22411588) in the name (Sanwar Mal Aggarwal) landline with Broad Band Internet connection on my phone.
I was complaining regularly from Last 1 year for not working phone or broad band internet connection, It was working 10 to 12 days in a months, either the landline not working or broad band connection not working as well as not coming the internet speed on the no. when phone is working.
Before 6 -7 months line man said that your connection coming so far that’s the reason not working. You or We changed the line to another port after that your problem will solve.
Despite the refusal for changing line, he has changed the line. (Giving reason behind this – I see a very large area alone. Your phone is often bad for me very difficult to seen this and your connection is the last connection in my area. Because of which I have unable to come to see this every time). After giving this reason he had transferred the line to another port.
We have facing still the issue same. Every day landline was not working, when landline is working net connection not working if both in working condition ADSL not coming or internet speed not coming.
Again, we did several complaints in last 5 to 6 months. But! Problem not resolving by you and your team members. I several calls did to the Mr. Surrender Singh or Mr. Kakru.

Now! We feel shamed for calling to them but…. .
When the customer paid the bill amount you charged fine but if the phone not working you still taken up whole bill amount not to cut any amount.
We did several complaints but your staff person do one call or said that now is working and they closed the complaint. But problem not resolve. Again – again this processor work for the same issue.
Either the your engineer not come, if they coming then told we changed the line or modem tomorrow but that tomorrow not come yet. One phone came that person said, “we changed primary line of your land line connection Now phone will working.
As past these days, they have visited several times or call but no result found. Two days phone was worked but internet speed not coming. Now, again my phone is dead.
I book my Latest complaint on12th June, 2018 complain no 571.
I would request you to kindly do not bill for internet service until this is perfectly fine. Refund my money of past 5 months which we had already paid.
Also let me know if this cannot be rectified, please cancel my internet connection so that I can buy internet Wi-Fi connection of another company.
This connection is urgently required for my child school work and we had required for this our business too. If phone or net connection not working we had facing losses or problems.
I cannot pay for your Bill for future bill until unless our connection will not working properly with good speed of internet.
So, please sort out this problem immediately and oblige. We are very grateful to you if it is solved today.
Thanks & Regards
Sanwar mal aggarwal

J-extn 121, 2nd floor,
Guru ram das nagar
Laxmi nagar, delhi
Ph-9312239564, 8700373086

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