Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Samsung

Dear Sir,
Subject: Mercy Petition to replace a defective branded Samsung Product
Does the Samsung Company through its dealers/service centres, rewards/punishes its loyal customers by undue harassment instead of product services? And isn’t there anyone accountable to the customer’s problems?
The above questions arose because of the following facts:
I would like to submit that on 27th April 2013 I had purchased a Samsung Grand (metallic blue color) handset (IMEI No: 356150056058384 ) from a Samsung dealer: Mobile World located at Bhowanipore, Kolkata, India {Owner: Mr. Ajay Bagaria (Mobile No: 9830775579)} under the EMI scheme. And this I purchased inspite of my peers warning me against the ramifications of problems they faced with Grand, but I being a loyal user of Samsung products went ahead with the purchase.
However within 7 days of my purchase the handset started malfunctioning. Some of the problems faced by me:
1. With no applications being installed other than the default ones, and with a free RAM of about 524MB also, the phone hung after almost every use. It would only be normal if I took out the battery and restarted the phone.
2. The screen on its own would go blank, in during that duration, if someone called it wouldn’t ring and so the call would be missed, giving a wrong impression to the caller.
3. On such a high end phone as Grand, a normal game like Temple run would hang every 30 seconds in between the game.
4. The phone would not connect to the PC via USB cable until and unless I restarted the phone. Even after connecting it would take hours to load the contents of the phone.
On noticing these problems occurring frequently, I visited the dealer twice; first in the 2nd week of May 2013 and second in the 4th week of May 2013. Every time that I submitted the phone to the dealer to get it rectified he got the phone formatted and reset. But the problem wasn’t solved. I personally visited your service center at “Flat No. 10, No.12, 1st Floor, Maruti Building, Loudon Street” and submitted the phone and to my surprise, I noticed some features which the phone never showed before; one being a new menu display when an earphone would be inserted. But still the problems persisted.
On 4th June 2013 I submitted the phone again to the service center with a request for replacement with job sheet no: 4152990419. However, inspite of facing problems and continuously requesting your customer care officers, none of them could help me with a resolution, instead I was harassed!
I would bring to your notice that from 27th April 2013 it’s been almost 45 days and out of which I have been able to use the phone only for 15 days and too with bugs and problems.
It has been more than just harassment and mental trauma for me since 27th April 2013.
It is astonishing and disappointing that inspite of being a loyal customer of Samsung electronics for over 10 years now I have to face such ordeal.
I would request you to replace the defective instrument immediately without further delay.

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