Money paid in Declined transaction is not being refunded

Location/place: pune

Name of company/service: Lifestyle

I had done some shopping at lifestyle, Camp in Pune worth rupees 1692/-on saturday 14th 2012.
While paying the money i used my SBI debit card but transaction got declined due to some networ issues. i again swiped my same card and same thing happened again.
After this i paid using my HDFC debit card and this time transaction was successful.
When i returned home and checked my SBI account through netbanking then i found a sum of 1692/- deducted twice.
Again i went to Lifestyle on Sunday with both my bank statements and asked them to my money back then they replied it would be refunded by Tuesday 17th July 2012.
But still i have not got the money back.
Kindly Help.

Contact No- 9764553516

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