Money not refunded

Below are the orders for which I have not got the refund yet.

Order Code: w8zo-b2oq ( ordered on 18th sept 2018, already been 20 days)
Order Code: z5yy-2ie4 ( ordered on 19th sept 2018, already been 21 days)

I kept on following with this issue again and again and I am told to wait for 7-10 days. It’s already been more than 10 days and yet I have still did not get the refund amount. Instead they kept on telling me to wait for few more days.
The customer support does not even bother to resolve when follow ups are not taken. It’s not only the money that I lost but also trust from this app too. Since then I have stopped ordering from food panda. Also I am thinking of giving only 1_rating to this app with the complain and order ids too.

Service is bad

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