Money Not Refunded.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service:

I ordered an Nokia E5 form .On 6th November 2012 having Order No 7531.And then the Customer Executive called and told that the oredre cannot be done.So they shall refund the money.And they wrote my SBI account Number .And 3 Days later when i called them they told that they shall send a cheque to my address.I don’t understand .The office is in Delhi then how much time shall it take the cheque to arrive.Upon few research I found that this is a commmon problem.And they very cleverly list the lowest price of Mobile phones so that those innocent people can be duped .And don’t send the product instead take their funds and never to contact them.
In my case I was duped Rs 8175.And I am very much shaken .As I am not working .I had strained my budged to purchase that Mobile.
Now This forum is my only help.As am a Layman and helpless.

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