money laundering activities by Airtel Prepaid Mobile Service provider at Chennai circle -Tamilnadu.

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: Airtel chennai

Dear all,
This consumer complaint is about the money laundering activities by Airtel Prepaid Mobile Service provider at Chennai circle -Tamilnadu.
The incidents are with respect to Airtel service number 9094972701
There are several occasions where I notice that suspicious deductions are happening in my main account balance without any valid reason. This has been informed many times to customer service representatives and each time when I do this, they have the habit of disagreeing the complaint and use to say, “as per our records no such deduction happened”
On 01.12.2012, As normal I was using the internet service on my mobile and I could notice that the similar kind of deduction has happened and the event was well recorded. The deduction was Rs.28.60 with call duration 00:00 from main account and the Balance after deduction was Rs.138.23 Valid till 14 April 2015.
The 3G data balance available at that particular moment was 445.50 MB Valid Till 08 Dec 2012.
I Called up the customer service team immediately to point out this issue at 06:51 PM on 01.12.2012 and the call was taken up by Mr. Sarath kumar (I am not sure whether this name is right. It was told by the executive) and as normal first he said there is no such abnormal deduction happened in my account. Then later he said it has happened due to internet browsing. While I was asking more clarity about this deduction he is became rude and started saying this is been due to change in browsing mode etc… and he could not provide any clarity or solution about this complaint and he himself disconnected the call .
Further I have never received any complaint number or resolution status about this issue. Further the IVR settings are changed to my account from Airtel that I could not able to contact the customer care itself for next few days.
The similar incident has happened already two times and I have registered a complaint that I could not able to contact Customer care from Toll free 198. This issue was not at all resolved and left un attended.
The customer service is not serious about any complaints registered and they are very rude in replaying. Further they make the habit of activating some services themselves without users knowledge and in to money laundering. Sometimes during travelling or while we are out of station, the main account balance is completely laundered and the customer will never be able to get in touch with support team that makes the situation more critical.
Request to recognise this consumer complaint and initiate necessary actions to avoid similar such events in future. Also request to arrange to revert back the abnormal deductions happened till date.


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