money getng deducted by its own

Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: Docomo telecommunication

Hi I have been using my Docomo number from last 1 month, my number is 8272914259.Since the time I have taken this number my balance got deducted of its own,sumtime TOI headline will activated by its own, for each new link my Re1 was deducted, when I deactivated that service then automatically I start getting Jokes and again Re1 was deducted for each jokes, then again I DEACTIVATED that service also, then I start getting some Internet Links and again money was deducted from my account, like this in last 1 months more than Rs 30 had been deducted, I am so my scared with this dt I don’t wish to recharge my number,cos the moment I will recharge my balance will get deducted by some or other service..please look into this matter and stop Harassing customers. As per our Docomo Advertisements you don’t cut unnecessary charges then y i m facing this problen.please deactivate all value added services from my number 8272914259,and please refund my balance which got deducted due to this which is around Rs 30.And please make sure ki Any Value added services won’t get activated for my TATA DOCOMO number 8272914259 by its own.

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