Money Fradulent

Dear Mr. Ritesh Agarwal,

I am sorry that I’m writing you here. It is an awful experience of mine in OYO rooms. On 9th October i had booked a room in OYO Townhouse 013 with booking ID QGBP2058. My meetings were postponed and i had to cancel the booking. After 2 whole hours of conversation with OYO executives i finally managed to cancel my booking and get back my full money (As per their E-Mail). Till date I’ve been credited My cancellation charges of Rs. 6,313/- only and the remaining amount Rs. 17,676/- is yet to be credited. I’ve atleast made a dozen of calls to OYO, talked with many officials. They lastly said that only a transaction of Rs. 17,676 has been made from my end, though I’ve already sent them my credit card statement for the payment of Rs. 23,989/- . Still no revert from OYO’s end.

I would also like to add that the callers are very unprofessional and do not know what to speak and when to speak. After having their mails (that clearly states, I’m liable to be paid my whole payment back), they are stating that their accounts is showing the payment for Rs. 17,676 only. Either they are stealing the money from OYO or are trying to deceive the customer.

I am from a respectable family and also work in a respectable post in a very famous organisation. I cannot over-discuss everything on a regular basis to every new caller.

Please resolve this issue at the earliest or I shall be liable to take necessary, strict and law-abide actions against OYO.

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