Money Deduction without customers approval

Location/place: Visakhapatnam

Name of company/service: BSNL

My father is an existing bsnl customer 1 month back 40 rs have been cut from his balance for nothing and when he called the customer care of bsnl they told that the money ll be refunded in no time after somedays i called them back and they told that the complint is closed but i didnt get my money back it s been more thn 1 month but me money is nt refunded recently another 5 rs have been deducted for nothing nd whwn asked why thw represesntatives are saying sorry and they are saying that they cant suarantee the refund.Being a govt. service it shouldnt do like that this is about me and there re lakhs of customers who face the same problem,mny of those dont have any knowlwdge of this consumer complaint forum so think about them and Pls solve this problem

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