Money deducted forcely

Location/place: Hyderabad (AP)

Name of company/service: Airtel/Prepaid

I rechared my internet account with Rs 99 on 03 Sep 11 at 06:38pm and within next two days I found my account that my account has been deducted. Moreover on 06 Sep 11, I recharged with topup of Rs 50 and got talktime of Rs 41, even that the very next day all the amount was deducted. On 08 Sep 11 about 0930pm I to complaind customer care but they give no response and finaly disconnect my call. I recharged with topup of Rs 10 on 08 Sep 11 at 09pm,there were Rs 2.56 when I disconnect the call but when I checked next day there were only Ps 06 left in my accoun,t Rs 2.50 were deducted without any intimation. This is happing since 02 Sep 11 I can’t recharge my account more than Rs 10 because my accont is being deducted continuously and I am facing very much problems.
My Mobile No is 9701600136

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