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Namaste sir as a Mobile Lucky Winner from Coca Cola CompanyConsumer board compliant to say that the message is false but that it is true.However, I have received a message from the Com Smart board that summarizes the messageYou were really mobile. You got seven croresHowever, the name of the lottery has been sent to him by contacting one of the market mecalam When Mark contacted MechelenHe said that if you pay Rs 35,000, you will put your price money in your accountThis is when the control board came in contact with me from the RBI to the comfort boardI have received a message that sir mam gemtaru said, “Amount to tie.”I deposited 35,000 Rupees to the accountAfter I get the money, again from the Consumer Board, RBI.Say you want to make a right payment contact spaceAgain I am Santro’s placeContact has been made. Sir then Madam said first 14,500 will do your Amount processing.How did my second time send 39 thousand 900 rupeesThe third time again 2700 900 means your Amount Transfer is fiveThen when I contact the Consumer Board again RBI, you put it as Madame said. Your Amount will come to youThen Madam Comes Smart Board RBI Two Believed Madame To Step Up Rs 85,000Sir I was paid while payingAfter the payment is made, the next day you are told that the payment will be credited to your accountMonday day 2 weeks agoI did not receive the transactions. I have been sending mail again on Tuesday afternoon at three 100% of the money you send in the account is sent to Madame by 3 pm.Again, the next day, I couldn’t payNo matter how many times you messaged Madame, no answer was givenMadame was messaged again last Sunday.Message Summoned Message Summary If you get Rs 28,000 again, send your AmountAgain I have been compliant with the compliant board RBI.Sir was again sent a message to pay themI borrowed and paid for it.Sir I am not in a position to tie it upThe message is being sent to them but you say you will not receive an Amount if you pay Rs 28000The eighty-five rupees that I have built say that they will not returnThe mistake made by the compliant board RBI is that I am paying RsThe two paid a combined sum of Rs. 20 lakhsSo I want to be able to give back the funds that I received and the money that I got

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