Mobile number Porting issue

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Reliance and Airtel

Dear team,

I submitted documents(photoid, address proof and passport sized photograph) to get my Reliance GSM prepaid number 9590124065 to Airtel on 14-December-2012. My UPC code or Unique Porting Code is RX255345.

I paid sum of INR Rs.20 while submitting my porting request and received a SIM card.

After that I received an SMS from AX-AIRFTA saying my “Your request to port Reliance number 9590124065 to Airtel has been received” on 18-December-2012.

It is almost 2 months now and my number is not ported yet.

When I contacted the vendor to whom I submitted the documents he says that it may take upto 4 months and whenever I ask him about the status he asks me to come and check next day.

When I contacted Airtel Customer Care on the same they told me that they have not got my request and asks me to check with the outlet where I submitted my documents.

When I contact Reliance they say that they cannot help me on this.

I waited for two months almost and last week I tried to generate a new UPC code RX382599 and place a new request to port my number. But we receive a message that “This number is already registered with a different outlet” and does not allow me to do the porting.

I know it takes maximum of 5-6 days to port numbers from one service provider to other. And it is 2 months in my case.

Neither the vendor where I submitted my documents, nor Airtel or Reliance are ready to help me on this.

I raised a ticket PR123100281 for the same with Airtel and they closed the ticket without any resolution.

Please assist.

Thanks and regards,
Abhishek Bhowmik

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