mobile number deleted

Location/place: gujarat

Name of company/service: tata docomo

i am rohit rathore and i recently buy a new gsm sim card of tata docomo (8460289108) from aum telecomm infocity gandhinagar Gujarat. from 9th of November company closed my connection with out any information given to me. apart from that i used the same number in my business card and personal banking information too.and when iam try to connected with these guys they said to me that your connection is deleted due to -ve verification but when iam toled them that this number is very critical for me any my business they replied back with the suggestion for buying a new number from them.
along with that i tell them that i am will to give any supporting document that they want but same reply form them
plus in that sim i have balance of more than 150 rs
please help me
thank you
rohit rathore

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