MNP port issue

Location/place: Andhra pradesh

Name of company/service: MTS India

I am Balakrishna Reddy and My Mobile no is 9133393631.(Andhra Pradesh).

I am using the above number around 2 years when MTS started services in AP..

I have given request for MNP on 22/03/2013 for PORT IN to Tata CDMA from MTS and due to supreme court decision MTS shutdown operation services from Andhra Pradesh.

Last 15 days back I was enquired to DoCoMo office and they said that they received documents and will take 7 working days to activate around 23rd March 11 pm MTS stopped their services after 7 days also my Tata DoCoMo CDMA SIM is not activated so far and not getting proper response from them

I am facing huge problems & losses personally because of number not activated

2 days back I went to DoCoMo office in Tirupathi(AP) and again I begged the reason for not activated and now they are telling that we have received your documents and validated but only one reason rejected due to wrong donor operator
Now one side i am professionally affected & another side i am mentally disturbed in many ways.

So Kindly help me & take actions to clear the above issue sir.

Bala Krishna Reddy
Alternate Contact No: 7411566196

Please Note: I have already mailed about the issue more than 10 times to MTS and DoCoMo & Customer Care but no response from them and every time am auto Acknowledgement but No use.

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