MNP issue: Aircel To Vodafone

Location/place: Bargarh

Name of company/service: Aircel

Dear Consumer court team, Aircel Team and Vodafone team,

I am a subscriber of Aircel prepaid connection in Bargarh,Orissa circle. My number is 9658011105. I have applied for MNP from Aircel to Vodafone and the Porting code Is DO563966. I have requested for MNP on 18th June 2012. I havenot received any sms from vodafone on my Aircel number as it was told to me by the vodafone officer.

But from 21st June onwards my aircel number has been deactivated. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY SMS STATING THE PORTING DATE AND TIME FROM VODAFONE. Now whenever i insert my Aircel Sim, it shows ” INSERT SIM CARD” OR “NO SIM CARD INSERTED” depending on the phone i am using.

I, then inserted the new vodafone sim, that I had received while applying for MNP, it shows that ” SIM REGISTRATION FAILED” OR ” LIMITED SERVICE” depending on the phone i am using.

I contacted the vodafone customer care and the Vodafone store, but the only response that i got was, that my aircel number has still not come under the jurisdiction of vodafone , so wont be able to help me much.

My connection is still not activated and i am unable to use my number. Kindly resolve my problem and activate my service.

My alternated number is : 08817810015, 06646231105
My email id is: [email protected]

Thanking You
Vineet Agrawal

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