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I have been discriminated since 2007 and instead of evolving a solution ICICI bank has till date indulging in legal maneuvering. It is I that I am suffering monetarily as well as mentally for the possession of the property since July 2007 which ICICI bank and the builder, KG DEVELOPERS AND BUILDERS FROM CHENNAI, STATE OF TAMILNADU, INDIA, had jointly hijacked the flat unethically in spite of having regularly realizing the EMI’s and completing the payment to the builder and in spite of my pleading for the solutions, the bank turned the deaf ears and closed its eyes with a long sleep and only to be woken up on September 2009 when I suspended the EMI’s due to the satanic act of the bank officers in collusion with the builder and to say least that even ICICI bank did not consider to the reply sent under RPAD to loan recall notice on November 2009.

The ICICI bank is very well known as the bank that defies all laws of the land as well as does not respect our land court or tribunal which is obvious as the bank chooses to stay away from the State Consumer forum till July 2010 for the case filed during September 2008. When the conciliation process initiated by the bank failed, ICICI bank ran to file the vakalat in the state consumer forum and only to inflict more wounds on me ICICI bank along with the builder is using all the rules available in the law book to delay the process of Judgement. Your bank is a unique bank that does not care and follow the following norms and guidelines:

 Floated all the norms and guidelines of Mortgage only to satisfy and to help the builder in USURPATION of the BLACK MONEY. Does not its proves the NEXUS?

 Preventing Slippage of NPA as per the circular and guidelines of the RBI under ref: DBS.FID No.C-3/01.02.00/2003-04 and RBI No:2004-05/50, DBOD No.BPBC.10/21.04.048/2004-05 are being violated and also ICICI is the first bank in India when conciliation process failed, filed vakalat in State Consumer forum , then issued notice under SARFAESI Act accepting the availability of the documents and then failed to consider the reply under sec 17 as per the act and then filed an OA in DRT and when the Honorable Judge of DRT questioned the mode of Housing loan in absent of the sale deed rushed up to the TAMILNADU STATE LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY to conduct the LOK ADALAT against the LOK ADALAT section 20(ii), which only shows that ICICI bank had scant respect to the land law and trying to hide its misdeed under the various provisions of law.

It is a known fact that in spite of my making a numerous complaints through letters under RPAD, emails, customer care, complaints to the ombudsman and running from pillar to post from Febraury 2007, it is a misty till date that how ICICI bank had disbursed the huge loan and made the payment to the builder in my absence without the sale deed, as per Bank’s claim, which only exposed the strong working NEXUS BETWEEN THE BANK OFFICIALS AND THE BUILDER. Hope a good sense will prevail to the bank officers and hope they will get well soon.

Let us hope and pray that the system of more accountability will prevail and the strict penalty clause may be introduced in India to have a check in violating the norms and guidelines of the RBI so that the public in general does not suffer and humiliate from such unethical banks.

Mohammed Nazeer Ahmed
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