misuse of credit card online transactions

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: icici bank

My Credit Card no.4629 8642 1825 0019 / 0001

Myself A.K.Gupta, is holding above credit card after long time. On 25th August, 2012, my above credit card was misused by one person or one your bank representative he was nowing any thing of my card details or my profile which is in the icici bank.
That person purchased some items/ air ticket booking /mobile charging on the above credit card online transactions of Rs.31689/-.
I immediately told your bank representative to block the card and also lodging the FIR.
But unfortunately, the above case not solved by the ICICI Bank nor Police Department yet.
I have already send a compliant your ICICI Bank Ltd., Mumbai with Cardmember Dispute Form alongwith a copy of FIR.
In this regard, your Legal Sales delhi Office representative Mr.Amit Tyagi (m) 7503799348,
Mr.Vikas Kashyap (m) 8285985803, Mr.Ashwani Kumar (ICICI Agent) ID No.03020 and some another persons – tourcher me again and again due to payment.
Mr.Amit Tyagi told me the above amount also adjusted and balance amount to be paid by you. I have paid the following transactions
1) Receipt No.1302121085 dt.25.2.2013 of Rs.3360/- in the account ICICI Lombard Policy
2) Receipt No.1303113742 dt. 23.3.2013 of Rs.3000/- (ATM Cash withdrawal)above cheque was deposited account no.A3509.

3) Balance payment of Rs.3800/- which was not paid by me because we have not recd any NOC from the bank as well as bank statement.

I have already request to above persons pls give me an NOC or Bank statement which is paying by me.

All the above persons / Legal Sales Dept of Delhi ICICI representative tourching me too much. Every time they calling me and my wife for payment and they also abusing me.

They give me false statement i.e. above amount i.e Rs.31689/- is adjusted but they not give me any statement or neither NOC.

Pls look into the matter immediately.


(m) 9873200887 / 9873069464

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