Missing pieces

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Housefull Furniture

This is regarding this chain of furniture stores called Housefull. I have bought two 5 door wardrobes from them last July from Towlichowki store, Hyderabad. They took around 1 month to deliver them and when the carpenters turn up they tell me that door pieces of both of these wardrobes are missing i.e. not delivered and without it they can’t be assembled. Since that day I have been chasing Housefull on daily basis but all in vain. The customer care in Mumbai doesn’t care for customer. They either won’t pick up the call or would say that the concerned person is out or would say that I will get a call back which never happens. The Managers in Hyderabad act like nothing is in their control and just keep either running away or giving false information and promises.
Till now my problem is not resolved and doesn’t look like its going to be resolved. These wardrobes cost me around 50000 and they are piece of junk until they get assembled. I would advise everyone to never put your hard earned money at risk and buy anything from Housefull. I wonder what kind of company is this which doesn’t care about the customer. I have now decided to go via legal route and very soon they will be served notices. It will cost me a good amount of money to pay to the lawyer but I hope it teaches them a lesson.
Nitin Srivastava
[email protected]

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