Miss Commitment by Senior of Vodafone Customer Care

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Respected Sir/Madam ,
I am Bikash Shaw having Vodafone number +91 9545863374 and facing a huge problem regarding the service provided by the senior executive. I am using sms pack 66 from the begging but due to non requirement i wanted it to be deactivate it for this particular month only. I try to deactivate the sms pack 66 by sending the sms CAN 66SMS to 144 but it says invalid keywords. I tried it number of times but still the same problem persists. So i gave a call to customer care and explained the problem. I requested to deactivate sms pack but my call was transferred to senior department where i was convinced that deactivation request has been taken and it will be deactivated. But today an amount of rs 66 got deducted from my Vodafone account mentioning the renewal of the 66sms pack. I gave a call to customer care and explained the whole story. Most exciting for me is that the senior with whom i have talked and he convinced me that he has taken a request for the sms pack deactivation but found that no such request has been taken. yesterday that is on 5th-Auh-2012 i gave a call to customer care and talked to Kundan and he transfer my call to senior department at 9:15 pm. Please look into the matter and take a strict action on Senior with whom i have talked to and was miss commitment. Due to this short of irresponsible employee in your company will make a huge difference and that too a senior. You will loose a valuable customer and business if this type of employee stays in your organization and this is my opinion. I want my sms pack 66 to be deactivated and a refund of the the amount which has been illegally deducted due to the lack of the ownership taken by one of your irresponsible senior employee in your organization.
Hence i request you to please take strict action on the senior with whom i have talked for miss commitment and harassing the customer and please deactivate my sms pack.

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