Misrepresentation of Information

I ordered Sparx Men’s Black Sneakers – 9 UK/India (43.33 EU) (SM-321) (Order No. 402-5244034-2445916) on 2nd November 2018 which was attempted on 5th November 2018 but was undelivered due to some constraint.

However, this is to be noted that shipment was marked Delivered in my Amazon Account which is complete falsified information and misrepresentation of facts to justify the wrong doing and a sheer bad experience of customer support. The delivery boy : +91-8920373037 (name : not known as it was not told when asked on phone multiple times) was rash, abusive and very ill-mannered who have no shame in accepting his mistake of marking the material as delivered while it was not actually delivered.

AMAZON INDIA – This is a very bad example of customer service.

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