Misleading information on website

Location/place: Bengaluru

Name of company/service: Airtel

I moved ported in to Airtel on 26-06-12 and i had ported after looking at the 2G internet plans they had online. When i had checked online on under the services tab it says that the internet recharge was for Rs.98 and 2GB of data free. But I also saw later in another place on the website that the internet recharge was for Rs.98 with 1 GB of data usage. When i called customer care they kept on repeating only one line over and over again “sir, we have only 1 GB of data in Rs.98”. after some persuasion a so called “manager” or some guy came on the call and said that they had only this plan and just HUNG-UP the call!!No one is ready to give a explanation for this misleading information on the website. This plan was one of the reason for me to move to Airtel from DOCOMO(whose network was pathetic).

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