Misleading Information

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Talwalkars : Aligarh Branch

On 7th August,2012, I went to the Talwalkars Aligarh Branch, located at Ramghat Road. The purpose of the gym visit and to inquire about their prices/package/discounts. The lady at the reception confirmed that it is not a franchise but a company administered branch, offering all the schemes and discounts (when available).
She also confirmed, that there is no August discount available, and to her knowledge there was least possibility of any forth coming discount and schemes. I gave her my contact number so as to acquaint me with any, if it comes in the future.
Today almost 5 days later I was informed by a friend about the ongoing Talwalkars discount. To confirm that I checked the website, which states upto 40% discount from 1st August to 11th september’12.

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