Misguided by publishing wrong information

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Car Trade

I saw a advertisement on car trade site mentioning Hyundai i20 certified total running life 42400 for sale and I also received call from their representative Mr. Abhishek contact no. 09350754619, I met him and he introduced me to a dealer Mr. Ved Arya (Owner- Noida Car Bazaar)- 9811045021.

They both claimed that car has running life of 42400 km at the time of purchase they mentioned it on their warranty letter that car has running life of 42412. Now, at the time of servicing when i contacted authorized hyunai car service showroom, they said car has running life more than 87000 km.
I bought this car for Rs 4,25000 but it does not value more than 2,25,000.

I have been misguided and they thug me Rs 2lac more than actual cost of car.

Kindly suggest.

Amit padwa

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