Misguidance and delay in service

Location/place: Balligunj, Kolkata

Name of company/service: LG/tv

A complain was lodged with LG services on 24 May 13 regarding defect observed in our TV. The complain no issued by the service center was with a promise to attend the complain in 24 hours. The service engineer came and carried out a check the other day and located a defect in the mother board.He promised to get the item in three days but got it after seven days. After fitment of the item he realised the defect is not in the mother board but in control panel board because the defect still exist. There after he removed the item with a promise to come back after two days but till date there is no response. Even after repeated daily phone call reminders to service center and local agency there is no response from any authority of LG. Even though this is a paid service for both item and service the casual and irresponsible attitude is a matter of concern. Request guidance and necessary instruction to handle the issue effectively and urgently as I have been kept hanging for long even after willing to bear the financial burden.

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