Misbehaviour, threatening and using abusive language.

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Career Crafters Educational Institute

We joined Career Crafters in thane for weekend German classes. When I enquired about the classes on just dial i got calls from Mr. Nitin Rao about the classes and how great it is. Regular follow up calls came from the institute and we attended induction and joined the classes. The trainer there had no pattern of teaching. the hours were not planned well and it was a total hotch potch patchwork scenario. No proper agenda for the classes and within 4 lectures we were annoyed cos it was getting messy and my book was a mess. we asked for the coursebook and was told by the trainer that it wont have the basics. I told the admin girl at the reception desk that if the course book does not cover basic and is not satisfactory i will ask for a refund. No one called yet apart from the trainer. I was promised that everything will be fine, I was told to see the coursebook first, if i am not satisfied i could ask for a refund and decide if i wanted to continute the course. I was not satisifed. we stopped going to the class and no one was bothered to ask the reason for a student not attending classes. I contacted Mr. Nitin Rao and told him about it. he asked me to go to Vashi classes and meet him. Of course as i am a working woman i could not go personally and asked for his email id. Yet the man did not discuss my issues. He sent me his id. I was already appalled at the behaviour. I sent him an email and also told him that i will report this online and tell as many people as i can about how the class behaved with me. Everyone should know how you behave with a consumer after taking their money. I will hence spread the bad feedback. I asked for the classes to charge me for the day i attended and refund the remaning money. No one contacted me after another follow up email also. Finally My friend who joined with me and also left with me called mr. rao asking why there is no reply to the email we sent to which he said that we would have to speak to the owner. Mr. Rao along with his wife Sumati Rao owns the institute. Before my friend could call up Sumati she called him and started abusing him saying there would be no refund. About 10 mins later she called me on June 9, 2012 at 3.07pm stating that she is Sumati calling from Career Crafters. She started calling me a psycho and saying that i am harassing students in her classes (4 lectures or 1.5 hrs each only over the weekends) when i dont even know other batchmates names. She said she will get the students to give in writing that i was harassing them. She abused me and said that there i something wrong with my head and her classes were fine. There will be no refund and neither did she offer alternate solution. But while taking our money we were promised that if we dont do well or are not satisfied the whole course would be repeated free of cost for us. She threatened me by saying that she will send people to my house and beat me up, she will break my face if i show up in her classes. Both of us friends will be beaten if we ask for a refund and she will get her students to write bad things about me that i was harrassing them. She did not even take any feedback from me or try to understand what my issue was. I told her that i dont want the refund if you cant give it but atleast listen to what the issue is. Sumati says she’s not concerned what our issue is and we can go to hell with our issues. We paid money and cannot even express our dissatisfaction for the service we paid for. Wow!! She has threatened us with dire consequences and also said that if i write bad reviews about her classes she will spam my email id and also spread rubbish about me on the net. We are very disgusted and appalled with this behavior and would like some legal intervention here. Is this how an educational institute behaves? Am sure f this has happened with us then it might have happened with a lot of others and no one can say a word because the classes threaten the students. Sumati Rao has threatened to physcially harm me and beat me up in my own house or if i ever visit the classes or ask for a refund or even write about them. If i call them also she will ask 1000 people to call and harass me are her exact words. Kindly contact me for the same. Would like some action to be taken. Thanks in advance.

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