Misbehaviour and poor service quality

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Sebika Ayah/ Nurses Center, Near Bagha Jatin Station, Kolkata

I needed a full time house-maid for my residence in Bangalore. My mother (resident of Kolkata) contacted Sebika Centre, and they immediately confirmed the availability of maid who was ready to come over to Bangalore. Next day, one person from the agency brought the maid to my mothers’ residence and said she can stay with her till the arrangements are made for her travel to Bangalore. My mother informed the agency to book tatkal ticket for the maid’s travel to Bangalore on 23/ 24/ 25th May, 2012. The agency confirmed that they would arrange for the tatkal ticket and took advance payment of Rs 1000/- for the same. They also took an advance of 8000/- for payment of salary of one month. However, when the time arrived for the ticket booking, everyday they said that they’re trying or about send somebody for the ticket. They never owned up that they would be unable to do the job. Each time my mother called them, they talked very rudely using nasty language. My mother is a heart patient and all nasty conversations were affecting her health. Finally she had to arrange to send the maid by taking the help from one of my uncles. All this while the owner of the agency, MRS SIMA MAJUMDAR was in Bangladesh for some personal work. yesterday I called her up to inform her that her people had behaved very badly with my mother and neither did we get proper service even after paying such a big amount. Immediately she started shouting that my mother had been lying and she disconnected the phone. I called up again and a male voice replied in a similar NASTY manner, and disconnected the phone. These agencies have sprouted up in several places of big cities, charging heavily for their services, but they behave in most uncivilized manner.

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