Misbeahavior and threatning by airtel employee

Name of company/service: Airtel


I have been an Airtel customer since Two and half years and have regularly paid all your bills. However, today due to relocation when I have decided to cancel your services, the kind if ill treatment I received from your agent(Mobile no# 9230527967) cannot be described in words.This person refused to give his name or employee ID. Earlier during the day he sent me an email from the following id – [email protected]
I told him that I am even ready to clear all my outstanding amount ( as applicable), but still I was abused and threatened over the phone. If you want to know more in details about the incident, I would request you to call me at my mentioned phone number.
Such behavior is unacceptable from a reputed company like airtel. I am being sent bills for services which I haven’t used.Moreover, I had given a written intimation to Airtel that I am relocating to Ahmedabad.Attached is the copy for that intimation. Still this guy continues to show up at my house and threaten my retired and old parents.
I am highly shocked with this incident. And, I need a written apology from Airtel on his behalf.And, if he( or anyone with similar intentions) further visits my house(kolkata residence where i don’t stay any longer), then we will be forced to call in the police.Please treat this as urgent and follow up ASAP or else I would take this matter up to consumer forum.
Moreover, after receiving such kind of behavior neither will I dare to be an Airtel customer, ever again, nor, will I advise anybody to take an Airtel connection.

Ishita Sadhukhan
Mob# 7567001694

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