Misappropriation of Funds By The Fraudulent Docomo Unique Solution Distributor

Location/place: bangalore

Name of company/service: docomo

I, Shiju (Docomo Account Number :912406895,Bangalore,karnataka), had applied for the docomo post paid plan of Rs 899 through your advertisement by registering in the 18002660000 number given there. shortly after that i was contacted by your distributor (unique solutions,r t nagar bangalore) on 5th of April 2012 and as per their advice i gave Rs1399 (Rs899 deposit and Rs500 for the number,Bill Number 308) cash to their executive. i was promised that the number will be activated on 5th evening, but i got it activated only on 11th of april after complaining about them to the docomo nodal officer. then i was told by the unique solutions distributor that the sim had the problem since it was a different sim that was activated and that they would be sending their executive .the executive came only on the next day and even then the problem repeated attempts to contact them were futile since they didn’t bother to answer my calls and even behaved badly on phone.later i even paid an additional deposit of rs 1000 in the Docomo office since i was staying in a hostel. I’m am sorry to say, even after doing all that im was having my outgoing calls barred on my phone. above all that on June 13th i got a message from them stating that the deposit of 1899 which i paid has not been accepted since the Rs 899 cheque bounced.i had paid them cash, so after contacting them they informed me that it was their mistake and the cheque that bounced was theirs and that they would rectify the mistake and assured me that the number wont be barred. but unfortunately my number was barred the following day..and as usual the distributor didn’t bother to attend my calls and i had to register my complaint with the manager of Docomo, mr.manoj. the distributor promised him that they will submit the DD and assured me the number will be ready by the afternoon. but as usual it was also a lie and i had to complaint to Manoj again and because of him i got my number cleared. Manoj had given them the deadline to submit the DD by monday, but even now they have not done so and they have been so rude that they dont even bother to attend my calls. due to the distributors like this I’m sorry to say that Docomo is losing its customer is your duty to have a check on such fraudulent distributors and make them do their job properly and not let innocent customers suffer for their unprofessional and unethical attitude. I kindly ask you to look into this matter and do the needful without anymore delay and also make sure that such distributors are dealt with properly. i have all the bills and receipts and will be submitting the copies with this letter.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

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