Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: HDFCSLIC

This is with refrence to policy no 11912695 from HDFCSLIC , I have bought this policy for investment purposes , The terms and condition were not very clear so instead of buying through advisor i have asked to meet concern manager so MR Rahul Pawar (Branch manager) from kapurbawdi visited my place and offered me this so called endowment policy , I was very clear about my plans and was looking for short term investment plans only as i am working women and in future will not continue with job and prefer to be house wife so i am only looking for investment for 3-4 yrs only which i can pay from my salary and post that i can get returns, MR Pawar told me to go with this policy and assured it is the most suitable as per my requirement and i will be able to close / surrender it without any issues, however few days back when i asked for same i have been advised that i will loose on bonus and also 1 premium which was not mention on the documents at the time of purchase and nobody looks at the policy papers you definitely look at the application where u agree ,

I can understand if miss selling done by agent to earn commission, or done by sales manager to meet targets but miss selling by branch manager is not acceptable.

I hope u understand going for yearly amount of 40000 is huge amount and definitely one will be convinced if the assurance is given by branch manager of HDFC SLIC itself.

Awaiting immediate action and response.

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