Mis-Communication and Mis-Guide

Location/place: Goregaon, Mumbai-65

Name of company/service: Snapdeal

Respected Authority,

I wanted to purchase a mobile phone tablet and so ordered from
The Snapdeal representative Mis-guided me through lack of communication, as the tablet I purchased is not a mobile tablet means I couldn’t call or receive calls through it and when I called them to take the product back as I wanted a mobile phone tablet, they simply said No the product can’t be returned. So, as a aware consumer I am filing a complaint and I hope some action would be taken against snapdeal. I want the product to be returned and money back…Details are below.

Product – Zync Tablet Z-909 (Grey)
Order ID – 593770305
Order Placed On – 2012-06-07 10:57pm
Delivered On – 2012-06-11 11:30am

Yours Truly
Swapnil N. Hindustani
[email protected]

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