Mentally Harassment

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Tata Teleservices Limited

Hi, Date: 17/07/2012
I am facing lots of Problem from Tata teleservices Limited as below:
1.I buy Tata Photon plus Stick and pay 6 months advance rental with stick charges.
2.After buying stick, I never get and call related services or future next plan.
3.After some month I called customer service center to know how many moth pending of my plan and what is next plan I can have so that I can renew accordingly.
4.As per call center agent, they will call me before my plan complete.
5.Suddenly one day my internet stick is not connecting so I called call center and they says that your plan is expire so they disconnect my stick and he says that I have to pay 746 Rs to start my stick once again.
6.I says ok just send me detail Hard Copy bill at my home and I will pay the bill.
7.I required Hard copy as I have to submit in my company to take payment.
8.Agent says that they will send the bill.
9.From that day and that bill (746) my stick is stop working and I never use this stick till today from that day.
10.Till today I got nearby 15 calls & 1 person came at home from Tata teleservices regarding payment, I only request one thing to them, “ Give me Hard Copy of my bill and I will pay the bill “.
11.Everyone writing notes about my request and says ok sir we will send the bill.
12.Till today I didn’t get my Hard copy of bill and yesterday they write me letter that they are doing legally complain against me for not paying 2086 Rs.
13.I shocked that how come bill goes to 2086 from 746 as after disconnecting I never use my stick as I already buy new stick from next day only due to my business impact.
14.Another issue is that they are writing me letter on 9/7/2012 and write that if within 7 days I didn’t answer they will do legal case but I got there letter on 16/7/2012 after completion of 7 days.

Seeking your help against wrongly charge of bill and mentally harassment.

Kunal Kotak

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