Mentally Harassed for Which We Didn’t Do

Yesterday i.e. 9th Oct’18, I received a call on behalf on SBI Credit Card regarding Credit card outstanding amount. And explained by the caller that the credit card was issued on my wife’s name and they are not able to contact her. So they called me and explained the transactions which was done from that card in 2017. From starting to end, I told that caller that we didn’t have any credit card but she didn’t rely on my words. After that I said, I was married in 2016 and from that day to till, I didn’t see any credit card in her hand. So you can check the documents of that particualr user who used that card and didn’t call back to me.

Then the caller said, if your relatives get such calls, then how does it look? I said, please go legally because I am 110% sure that We are not using any credit card.

And what happend with my relatives, they got calls from that caller today i.e. 10th Oct’18 and explained the same. As we know, every relative is looking for some point to raise the fingure on you. So undoubtedly same was happened, I explained the same with them and said, “WE DON’T HAVE ANY CREDIT CARD”. Even than there are some debates and fights there that looses the relation as well.

And then after such mentally disturbance, Me & My Brother got the call again from the same caller who said “SORRY SIR”, “AAJ KE BAD KOI CALL NHI AAYGA AAPKE PAS. AAPKI WIFE KA NAAM JISNE CARD LIYA THA USSE MILTA THA TO HUM AAPKO CALL KAR RHE THE. JISNE CARD LIYA HAI HMARI USSE BAT HO GYI HAI”. When I asked for her location and company then she told me, she is calling from “Pitampura NSP” on behalf of “SBI Credit Card”.

Here is the mobile numbers:


Now, tell me who is responsible for all this blunder? Is a sinlge “SORYY” changed everything? Why don’t you guys check the documents and follow up with the concern person. Who will bear this loss?

Bull Shit SBI Credit Card Team.

#FraudSBI #FraudSBITeam #UseLessFellow #MentallyHarassed #SickOfFakeCalls #UnprofessionalTeam

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