Mental, Physical and emotional torture and haressment by Amazon india

I ordered a smart TV from Amazon and got it delivered on the 20th Jan and to my surprise the product screen was broken. I called and spoke to Amazon India call center people who were extremely rude 👿. I then sent an email to Jeff and someone from the executive desk called me and assured they she has returned and replace my TV will get my replaced product guaranteed delivered by the 23rd Jan. However to my surprise I saw that the product will be delivered on the 24th Jan and no one informed it to me. I work and I cannot skip one of my work because of Amazon failure. I work from 11am till 9 PM and I am unable to receive product on Thursday. I was promised the date of 23rd Jan. The amount of mental stress that I have gone through is insane. A company that talks about being the most customer centric in the world is mentally and emotionally harassing customers. This has not happened with me for the first time with Amazon. There has been multiple instances in the past where I Amazon has created a mess for me. I have been a very long time Amazon customer and spent lot of money on Amazon. The kind of treatment that the call center people offer to the customer is insane. Amazon treats their customer as animals. Amazon has disrespected me and hurted me mentally. I have been given a sick treatment. Last time when Amazon made a mess they assured me that it won’t happen again. This has happened again. I think I must contact the consumer court and I must file a case. Please assist me to get my product any how on the23rd Jan and I also demand a good amount if compensation because of the mental stress I have gone through. So far no help is being offered. I demand my product to be delivered on the 23rd Jan and I also demand very good compensation because of the mental, physical and emotional stress I have been going through as I am writing this email. Very very very very very disappointed and mentally stressed. 🤢😢😢😢😢

My name is lokesh and my number is 8130545743.

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