Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: VODAFONE INDIA LTD.

I have taken a new connection no. 9811791837 from Vodafone Nirman vihar out let under plan for Rs 100/- (Data Only) but their staff at Nirman vihar have activated Rs 250/ (Data only) plan which is not acceptable to me at all. I have follwong the same from Deacember ‘2012 by email but their is not any positive responce from them.

When I was tired to rectify the same, I have requested to disconnect the above connection. But they do not disconnected the same and after three month they asked to pay the bill of Rs. 1000/- approx. without using any services. And i oppose to pay the amount they have disconnected my other two nos. which dues / bill cleared.

My maximum work will be done on phone. Due to this sudden disconnection of phone i am not able to contact anyone and nobody can contact me. I am suffering lots of finamcial loss / damage. And in market / public my reputation is also down due to this type of activities.

This is an extra duty for me to follow up the Vodafone daily. I am mentally disturb due this from las four months but till today they are not taking any interest to sort out his problem.

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  1. 8 years ago

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