Mental Herracement At Tata Store of Shivranjni Store,Ahmedabad

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

Respected Sir,

I am an employee of S.B.I. and my designation is MANAGER OPERATIONS. I was a happy customer of Tata Photon Whiz Post Paid till year 2011. Because of some technical issues I had to disconnect the connection. The engineer of Tata Photon and The Network Department contacted me and informed that my Residence Area is having poor network and it occur suddenly and I was getting just 10kbps of speed so they informed me that I can disconnect and I do the same.

Now I wanted to start my connection in Prepaid and for that I went to Tata Photon Store at Shivranjni Cross Road, Ahmedabad. Firstly I went there but as my device was old so any number was not visible on the device so the executive told me to come with the Numbers and Complete information.

I connected my device to my laptop and fetch all the numbers and required information from Photon Whiz Software. There i found following information which was asked by your employee.
MDN : 9227413406
PESN : 80064ab0
MEID : a000001a9ed2fc

Then I went to the store on the next day at about 8.20 p.m. I went with my device and gave information to the Executive there and he searched something in the System than told me that we can reactive the device with the Pre-Paid conneciton. Then he asked for my device, I gave him the device and he connected in the laptop, but unfortunately the laptop was not able to connect the device which I was able to do in my laptop. I told him to try again as I am able to connect the device in my laptop than he tried. I told him that you just wait I am coming with my laptop within 10 minutes and the time was about 8.35. Than he told me that it’s not possible today as they were having their dinner party on achievement of targets of sale and they have got the approval to close the store earlier. I left there silently.

Then I send my son today for reactivation to the same store with the device and required information. Today the Store manager rejected to convert the device into the Pre-Paid connection and he said that try to the franchisee of Tata, so my son said that how it can be possible that the particular service can be provided by the Franchisee holder but not at the Company Outlet. And I am getting this resolution on the Third visit of mine after the false commitment of conversion done by your executive on my second visit. As my son is a technical person and having information of the connection and some other technical field, he asked for some things in a technical words, the store in-charge got angry on him and scold him and behaved rudely and told my son that you are knowing these much technical things than get all those information by your end only. Than my son demanded to connect him the customer care call center and one of the employee helped him for that. But the call landed wrongly and couldn’t connect to the proper department. When he was leaving from the store than a person other than a store in-charge called him in the corner of the store and asked for his name and noted it down in his diary and talking with him in a rude manner and my son had mental herracement by that employee who did not provided his name to my son.

I am in State Bank Of India and our management person are having Tata Photon Connection and I am also a Manager of S.B.I. I would not ever prefer Tata Connection in my circle and even in S.B.I. The customer service provided to me was too bad and rude.

If that person remains in that Store than I will never visit the store and will tell in my circle not to visit that store and avoid to purchase Tata Connection because of poor customer service.

The Executives are behaving like they are everything and they can rule the customer how ever they want and gives false promises to the customers.

I was about to convert my connection in Pre-Paid, and I was ready if I had to reactivate the connection in Post paid for some period of time than i switch to the Pre-Paid conneciton but now I changed my mind not to reactive my connection and Going with other company’s internet connection as in today’s time, customer have many options. But I came to Tata just because of Name And Reputation of The Company to get the better customer service in which your employee failed today.

Kindly Look Into The Matter.

Thank You..

Pinakin Dave
(Manager Operations-S.B.I.)

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