Mental harassment by someone claiming to be calling from Consumer court.


I need help as I would like to settle this once and for all. I would also like the legal authorities to take action against hathway.
I was a hathway user 16 months back. I was happy with Hathway and requested them to relocate my connection.
Hathway – known for its pathetic customer service, took almost 3-4 days to just tell me that it could not happen till now but will be done in sometime. I waited for 7 days after which I decided to get rid of hathway and requested them to terminate the connection. They hesitated first but then agreed to disconnect. They then started chasing me for the modem. I submitted the router to their office near Gadital (pune). The guy himself collected it. They still kept calling me to for the modem. I told all of them that I have already submitted it.
I then got a call around 10 days back from a lady who could not speak proper Hindi claiming she is from Delhi court and that there is a fee of 6000 rs that i need to pay. She then gave me an advocates number and asked me to call that advocate (who was another cheater). He also threatened me that he has all my Adhar details and it will be linked to my adhaar. I did contact a few friends of mine (as I was tricked exactly in the same manner by Tikona) and they all told me it is a scam.
I received one more call today and requested the lady not to call me again. She then threatened that the call is getting recorded and will forward it god knows who.
I did contact Maharashtra Police who have requested me to meet them and tell them about this.
My connection was terminated in March 2017 and it was a prepaid connection. When my connection was prepaid, how could the bill get generated even if I did not cancel my plan. This is surely a lie. Plus the email that I sent to them are still with me which I can show.
Can someone please please help??
I see a lot of complaint of similar nature that can be seen by clicking on the link below:

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