mental harassment by biggest CON on Video service = Videocon

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: videocon

I am using this service since Jan’12 consumer id -62715688. The day they visited for installation and the way they were clamping the antenna, I was sure it’s not gona work for more than a month. And that’s what happned.. I kept calling them for poor reception ( like poor scratched DVD/CD) of signal but everytime some stupid reasons were given like fog, rain, too suuny day etc. etc. unfortunately my neighbor was able to watch the tv using vidoecon connction only but for me it was fog(winter), sunny day(summer), and rain.
This time its 6 days that I am facing blackout. Called the customer care for so many time and they assured me that the bloody engg. will visit my home ASAP. But all in vein.. it never happned.
Now they disconnect the call and don’t even listen to what I say. Their engg who call me abt service talk in such a manner as if I am supposed to get money for his arrival.
I don’t know whether this complain’s gona change the way we the consumers are being treated by Videocon (biggest CON on Video service = Videocon), but with the hope that at least the people who read this will think before they opt to buy this.

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