mental harassment

Location/place: malaudh

Name of company/service: airtel

i would like to lodge a complaint against airtel company..the whole matter is about the deduction of unnecessary balance..from the last 5 days i called everyday for the purpose of deduction of balance .. they said everytime that your balance would be deducted for this particular scheme and i deactivate that scheme four days ago but the deduction of balance is still continue and if i told them that i want to talk your senior employee then they will put my call on hold and after 2 mins they terminate my call..i personally request to you that please sue that kind of a companies according to your law..and one more thing , they deduct my balance of 20 rs..and airtel users are nearly let say 10 lakh
(atleast).if they deduct the balance of 1 lakh people every day then the illegal amount would be 20 please sue that kind of a companies ..if you want any kind of evidence for the purpose of case , you are free to contact me (+919815906019) i have all messages which was sent by this company.

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