mental harassment

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: idea cellular ltd

i am using idea for around 1 year.i converted my airtel prepaid to idea post paid on their happened that there was initial limit of 450 set by the company.above which i was not allowed to call.slowly they increased limits and reached to 1800 without my permission.In may bill was about Rs 1275/- they stoped the connection so i started using voda.what they did they started using my contacts and enquiring about me.then i talked to them.they have my no but still they have been calling my village and abusing my parents.politely i have asked them to talk to me but they always thretened me that they ll call and do such things.they have caused lots of trouble to my life.kindly look into the matter.i am sure there must be many who are suffering with this but dont take initiatives.

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  1. 8 years ago

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