Location/place: FARIDABAD

Name of company/service: MERU CAB COMPANY PVT. LTD.

Dear Sir,
With a deep grief, I want to bring this into your kind notice that, I called customer care deptt.of Meru Cabs on 13th June at 13:25 and booked a cab for 13th June for 19:00 pm to drop me to Old Delhi Rly. Stn. from my Resi. at Dayal Bagh Colony, Faridabad. The booking confirmation No. was – 12988714. In the evening I did not received any message about Cab and Chauffer details till 18:53, then I called to their customer care cell and while talking to me they sent me the cab details at 18:53. Driver Murari of Cab No. DL1RY2646 called me at 18:55 and said that He will take another 30 mins to reach to my Resi., when I said that I am getting late, so try to make it faster, He rudely replied that talk to Customer care. I again called to Customer care and then by talking to Driver they assured me that Driver will reach to me within 15 mins. Again, the episode of calling to Customer care and enquiring about cab location was on by me, and finally at 19:30 I got a call from Driver Murari telling that his Car is under break down and I should call to customer care , and they will arrange another car for me. As I already got late by half an hour, so I immediately called customer care and told them everything, the executive first kept me on hold for unkown reasons and then asked me to manage my own vehicle as they can not help me out.
I had to catch my Train for Jodhpur, because I had an important Business meeting next day. My Reservation was in AC-I.
I hired another pvt. car and rushed for Delhi Stn. but it was of no use, as I missed my Train. I hired the same car for Jodhpur so that I can reach on time Next morning. That Taxi charged me rates at his own trying to make advantage out of my condition created by Meru Cabs.
Any how I managed to attend the meeting next day, but as I went through the Mental Harassment and Physical Harasment both because of thhis organisation (Meru)I lost my Business Deal. I am under mental schock.

I have reported this complaint to there complaint deptt. also but again of NO use.
Kindly help me out.



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