Mayunk saxena

Mayunk Saxena opened one more company called M/S rudradeep exclusive after his old company got blacklisted. He is also blacklisted in CIBIL.

as he new company Rudradeep is not ISO certified and also not a patner of any rudrakh centre in Nepal. He is also selling his duplicate rudraksh on the name of holy rudradaksh “” as one side he says he buys rudraksh from Nepal and shows certification of an Ahmadabad based company of MR. Khetan and also shows a certificate of authenticity of new Delhi.

He is not an Engineer nor he ever went to USA in his whole life, when I asked him to show pictures and marksheet he blocked me. “”

as shown in this video he had never been to USA nor he ever passed in his Engineering.

mayunk saxena is a loan defaulter and blacklisted from CIBIL.
He do not have any marksheets or pictures of any celebrity with him he just scam around and people with weak mind belive him.

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