mass fraud by existing company

Dear Sir
I am Dr. Manish pandey and I am writing to you with lot of hope and faith that you will help me to find justice .I am one of hundreds of people who have been suffering from gross harassment in the matter stated below, and it’s not a mere statement I am in touch with all these people, the reason I am writing to you is – even a collective action in our so called democratic institution is not able to break the corporate arrogance. It’s not an individual matter sir/madam, it’s the perfect example of how efficiently are our rights protected and what is a single citizen in this land of 1.2 billion worth. Please sir/madam; please have patience to go through the entire text once, thank you

sir , I have recently completed my post graduation in medicine and have moved to Delhi to pursue super specialty in critical care ,so in one sense I am still a medical student , I got married a couple of years back and my wife recently moved in with me after completing her MD in pediatrics from govt. medical college vadodara, Gujarat. Presently she is performing her medical duty in Ram manohar lohiya hospital, Delhi. Beings doctors we rarely get the chance to go on a holiday, so with our limited income and time we bought the membership to hospitality group “jukaso journeys pvt ltd.”
It has been almost a year and I have never regretted my decision more. Sir the group has been exploiting not only me but all its customer since its formation couple of years back. Following concerns will give u clear idea
1) During presentation we were called for 1 hour but 4 hours were taken and most of the promises made during it were only to lure us to take membership ( I have voice recording confirming it)
2) Not even a single mail of acknowledgement of our membership was received by us, it was like the organization is a ghost, which it is not as they have physical assets at many places , head quarters at ITC gurgaon.
3) Monthly installment has been deducted from my account, but they have not been replying to any of my mails or calls or request by me to avail my rightful services for which they have taken my hard earned money.
4) I was not provided any services or holidays after I repeatedly tried for the same…Sir it’s almost an year and I have paid over 1 lakh rupees and still have not been able to get a single holiday, not even a welcome mail from the company.
5) Finally I went to meet them in September 2014 to downgrade my membership from 25 years to ten years (as I had already paid 85000 rs and dint want to pay anymore) they refused to do so saying it’s not in companies policy, on asking if it was in companies policies to charge the customer and not provide any service ,I got the blunt reply that you could cancel it but we won’t refund your money!!!! ,instantly I had canceled the membership to go legal against such arrogance but on the personal request of companies vice president who met us shortly after we had cancelled the membership, I decided to give them another chance, the company offered us a tour in next two days, again we did not get that.i have written conversation with company confirming the shear malafide intention of the company.
6) Sir, I have met the management on several accounts with no relief, it was only later that they responded when we founded two groups on what’s app with more then 50 member victims. The secretary to chairman had called me on 15 February 2015 to settle the matter, after I had performed 24 hours graveyard shift she kept me waiting for 4 hours and then told me that matters would be settled on company policy only and she was ready to now downgrade the membership to ten years which she had bluntly refused in September 2014 as impossible, this happened after I had paid 30 thousand more and not accounting other travelling, leave and other expenses I had to bear.
7) I had requested cancellation of my membership by mail as well as hardcopy still they were taking money from my account and on asking to stop they said its company policy and I no more have the right to secure my money, I had to go through lot of trouble to stop emi but I lost 15000 rs more till then. They still deduct the amount but my bank stops it and credits it back.
8) I even met advocate of supreme court to have a legal view on the matter, she told me that company has defaulted on many clauses in the agreement but the reason for their careless behavior is that they have a arbitration clause which restricts us to go to consumer court on the matter…I am shocked to know how can a consumer based company, a company in service sector stop consumer from moving to consumer court.
9) I had also launched a police complain months back, on follow-up I came to know they are not even responding to police notices.(please find the attachment)
10) I have all the call records on phone as well as during meeting confirming all my allegations’ could send you all if you want them

I am attaching the mail conversation with the company, please sir go through it and you will realize my agony.
You have the opportunity to help many people.
Most optimistic and eagerly waiting for your reply

company’s contact

rajiv khanna , chairman 9810600050
radha rani, secretary to chairman 8826039463
landline 01244082000

your’s optimistic member

Dr. Manish pandey
[email protected]
Jukaso membership number W0101681

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